Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Emergency foster needed for Wyoming Akbash dogs!!!(ADOPTED)

   These two young male Akbash dogs need emergency foster. They were brought to a shelter in Wyoming by animal control. They were on the run in an area outside of a town looking for food.

   They are depressed at the shelter but it is good for them to be getting regular meals. They will be neutered, vaccinated and dewormed.

   If I can get a foster I will do the rest.....finding homes and screening adopters etc.

   Probably were born on a big sheep ranch with working dogs, but no supervision so they have been on the run....

   Certainly are gorgeous dogs and very people friendly, just a bit unsettled in the shelter. They mostly want to sleep!!!

  If you can foster please contact The Akbash Rescue Coordinator-Janet Davis at CELL Phone # 510 410-0149 or E-MAIL her at

     Thank you!

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