Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This young male Akbash came to the attention of rescue, after he was seized in a neglect case in Texas.
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He arrived at the shelter very thin and shy and with no name. I named him Dash, as a sighthound type Akbash he was long and lean and I thought it suited him. The shelter manager was glad for the help with proper placement that a rescue group can provide. I listed Dash on Petfinder and a couple potential adopters surfaced. Transport was being attempted to get Dash to Wyoming at one time. However, his options fell through and he remained at the shelter for two months. It was a good thing he and the shelter manager really liked each other because they usually only keep dogs for one week.
Eventually a rescue group in Texas, that had seen the requests for transport help, decided to foster Dash. He went to a foster home which was only supposed to last for a few days. The group all helped, taking turns bringing Dash food and arranging vet trips. Initially very shy and a bit nervous, Dash began to come out of his shell and take a real liking to the husband, even though the wife explained she was the one whose idea it was to save him! The shelter manager Dash had spent two months with had been a man, and probably the first person Dash had been attached to and trusted.
Dash's foster mom Amanda, also happens to be a professional photographer and took these magnificent photographs!

As Dash became more comfortable and relaxed, he began to eat more,
and smile more.
He took up the whole backseat in the car of course. He began to fit in so well that the foster home started looking like it would become a permanent home. The playful side of Dash came out and everyone began to enjoy his antics.
He joined the families other dogs in some backyard squirrel chasing...displaying his great height.

Dash started barking  so they knew he was feeling very comfortable. Then he took a position, along with the rest of the gang, at the window to keep watch.
Just when everyone was feeling really good about the situation, Dash and one of the resident male dogs had a scrap. When it happened again, thankfully neither dog was injured, it was decided Dash should move on to a new home.
   As it happened I had posted the beautiful photos of Dash on Petfinder and Dash caught the attention of a Texas resident that was looking for a companion for her lovely Akbash Pyrenees cross, Alea. Alea is shy and Donna hoped a confident and lively new dog might help her.

At the time Dash was going to stay with his foster family, when he shortly became available again for adoption I contacted Donna to see if she was still interested in Dash. Thankfully she was! Amanda drove Dash to meet his new family. We had our fingers crossed Alea and Dash would get on well together! Donna reported Dash whined at the window watching Amanda drive away. We were all very happy when the pictures came of Dash and Alea, obviously doing great and enjoying eachother...
Dash was finally home!

Update: Dash and Alea are enjoying their first winter together!


Spring is here and that means squirrel chasing...I just received these gorgeous new photos. I could not help noticing this perfect Pyr and Akbash proof gate!

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