Friday, October 2, 2009


This lovely young female Akbash dog showed up on Petfinder early one morning.  Click here to read pirate's story:

 I quickly let some ADI members in Washington state know about her, as she was listed by a shelter there. They had previously adopted her out to an unsuitable home. She had escaped and was chained to an old car in their unfenced yard. She ended up in the shelter in the first place because she escaped from her breeder a couple times.
    The shelter decided they wanted to only adopt her out to someone familiar and experienced with the breed. They were happy to hear from an Akbash rescue group and know we would try to help place her.
    An ADI member I contacted told me she lived a couple hours from the shelter and would go see her and maybe bring her home! Her Akbash dog, and her labrador,  had passed away and she and her husband were without a dog.
    We talked a few hours later and she had brought "Pirate" home with her. She had very secure fencing so she knew Pirate would not be escaping again! Pirate settled in nicely and even was nicely behaved when introduced to the foster kittens at her new home.
    Sometimes everything falls into place so easily and this is one of those times!

Here Pirate is showing of her traditional Turkish Iron Collar and showing that she has what it takes to do well in the agility training she will begin soon...

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