Saturday, October 10, 2009


Walter showed up in a Calif shelter and I worked on trying to find him somewhere to go.
He was adopted out by the shelter so I thought he was all taken care of. Then a week later was brought back by the adopter. In a thunderstorm he had become frantic and broken a window at the house. I again began to work on him but was told Great Pyrenees rescue was going to take him. I left my contact and never heard from anyone so assumed he went to rescue. Months later I was talking to an ADI member and she mentioned her new rescue Bruno. The former Walter! She said Bruno was one of the most scared dogs she has ever met and he spent the a few weeks on his belly crawling up to her. Now confident and happy he is looking good! He even has an Akbash pal.
  She had a beautiful pair of Akbash dogs Kody and Polar. Kody had recently passed away and so she adopted Bruno. I was very glad to learn he had joined her family!

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