Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Little Manny always has a smile on his face reports his foster mom! We thought Manny and Bonjo might be brothers but they must just be great friends. Manny is much smaller, perhaps Pyrenees crossed with a smaller dog.

We worried about Manny because sadly the boys had to be split to go into separate foster homes. Little Manny cried and cried when the boys were split. However, he has many new friends in his foster home, including a gorgeous big female Pyr named Giselle. Manny is happy as can be and always smiling.

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Manny is a joyous and happy young fellow now. If you want to give Manny a wonderful forever home of his own please contact Akbash rescue coordinator Janet Davis 510 410-0149 or e-mail straughie@comcast.net

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